Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mt. Binacayan (Rizal, 424+ MASL)

Look at that toothy smile! Taken at the "First Peak" of Mt. Binacayan (August 2015)

Located in Sitio Wawa of Brgy San Rafael in Rodriguez Rizal, Mt. Binacayan (or Binicayan according to other sources) is one of the famous mountains of Rizal. Famed for being one of the "colliding rocks" (nag-uumpugang bato, together with its twin mountain, Mt. Pamitinan) which trapped the mythical hero Bernardo Carpio and caused earthquakes as the powerful giant tried to free himself. Easily accessible from Cubao via UV Express vans that ply the route to Rodriguez, Rizal, this mountain, together with other mountains in the Wawa area, is fast becoming a favorite dayhike destination of novice trekkers.