Monday, January 25, 2016

Batlag Falls (Rizal, 10+ meters)

Swimming in the catch basin of the smaller falls in Batlag

Without a doubt the waterfalls with the bluest waters I have ever seen, Batlag Falls is located within the same area as Daranak Falls. There are actually two separate waterfalls in Batlag, one has a shallow catch basin and another with a deeper one. The waterfalls are set in a dense and thick forest environment with several shallow pools of water and a slowly flowing stream which flows downstream and becomes the source of water for Daranak Falls located below. Unlike Daranak Falls, Batlag Falls has a more serene and peaceful mood as it is less crowded and more secluded. The forest has a more rugged look and feel, perfect for enjoying nature.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mt. Batulao (Batangas, 811+ MASL)

Hiking to Mt. Batulao. The mountain has several peaks, as seen in this photo. (Taken on January 2016)

The imposing image of Mt. Batulao simply looks amazing even at a distance, with its multiple towering rocky peaks and rolling slopes. I distinctly remember being awed by the beauty of this mountain a few years back when I first saw it during our visit to Caleruega. I read somewhere before that this mountain is a favorite for both novice and experience hikers, and that the trail is relatively easy except for some difficult roped sections.