Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mt. Pamitinan (Rizal, 426+ MASL)

One of the crags of the second peak of Mt. Pamitinan (taken on March 2016)

Mt. Pamitinan is one of the twin mountains of Wawa, with Mt. Binacayan as the other twin. The twins' elder brother, Mt. Hapunang Banoi stands side by side with Mt. Pamitinan joined by a single trail. As part of the famous mountains of Sitio Wawa in Barangay San Rafael, Rodriguez, Rizal, hikers should make Mt. Pamitinan a part of their itinerary - whether as a dayhike or as a part of a twin hike with the nearby Mt. Binacayan or with Mt. Hapunang Banoi. Others even make all three in one day as part of a triology.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mt. Pinatubo (Tarlac/Zambales, 960+ MASL)

Looking into the caldera of Mt. Pinatudo (Taken at the rim of the crater on March, 2016)

Mt. Pinatubo is an active volcano located near the tri-boundaries of the provinces Tarlac, Zambales and Pampanga. During its last eruption on June 12, 1991 the magnificent volcanic caldera and the lake within were formed. Now, about 25 years later, it has become a well-known tourist attraction for both local and foreign tourists.