Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Twin Dayhike (Laguna) - Mt. Prinza (510+ MASL) and Mt. Obabis/Imoc Hill (410+ MASL)

On the slopes of Mt. Prinza, Mts. Banahaw and Cristobal and Lakes Mohicap and Palakpakin in the background

Comprising the Laguna Volcanic Field are numerous mountains, hills and lakes of volcanic origin. This area lies between Laguna de Bay, the Mt. Banahaw volcano complex and the Malipunyo Range. Within the boundaries of the towns of San Pablo, Nagcarlan and Calauan are several of these landforms lumped together forming their own chain of mountains, comprising of Mt. Kalisungan, Mt. Atimla, Mt. Mabilog, Mt. Prinza, Mt. Obabis (Imoc Hill) and a couple more hills in between which remain unnamed. These hills and mountain peaks feature prominently in my previous climbs in Laguna so I decided it was time to also hike these mountains.