Monday, November 27, 2017

Mt. Masungki and Nagpatong Rock (Rizal, 660+ MASL)

At the top of Nagpatong Rock (Nov. 2017)
At the top of Nagpatong Rock (Nov. 2017)

Located along the southern end of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range in Tanay, Rizal, Mt. Masungki features jagged limestone rock formations, sheer towering cliffs and bluffs and precarious crags so characteristic of the mountains of Rizal. The name itself, Masungki, means uneven or jagged in Tagalog. Among the towering rock formations of this area is the Nagpatong Rock, a formidable-looking piece of rock made up of layers of limestone stacked together forming a majestic cliff. Home to the native Dumagat tribe, the mountain forms part of the ancestral domain of this native people. Located in Brgy. Cuyambay which is where the Maysawa Circuit and Mt. Paliparan are also located, it is accessible by public transport from Cubao via Cogeo going to Sampaloc.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Mt. Batong Amat/Mt. 387 and Aloha Falls RevTrav (Nueva Ecija, 724+ MASL)

At the summit of Mt. Batong Amat/387 overlooking the "Chocolate Hills of the North"

Within the foothills of the Caraballo Mountain Range in Nueva Ecija is the Talavera Watershed Forest Reserve where the trails of Mt. Batong Amat is located. The name of the mountain literally means "Ghost Rock" in the local Tagalog dialect of Carranglan. Aptly christened as Mt. 387 due to the fact that it covers 387.9 hectares of the Talavera Watershed Forest Reserve, Mt. Batong Amat combines just the right elements for a great dayhike - challenging 60 - 70 degrees inclines perfect for scrambling and nice grassy rolling terrain for a relaxing stroll, not to mention excellent views of the Caraballo Mountain Range, the hilly section of the range  popularly referred to as the "Chocolate Hills of the North" and the southern part of the Cordilleras. At the end of the trail is a nice side trip to the picturesque Aloha Falls.