Saturday, February 24, 2018

Revenge Climb - Overnight Camping at Mt. Ulap (Benguet, 1,846+ MASL)

At the Gungal Rock - the second peak of the Mt. Ulap Eco-trail

Perhaps one of the easiest and most picturesque minor climbs near Baguio City, Mt. Ulap has risen to prominence among hikers since the trails were opened back in 2015. With such refreshing views of the high mountains and crisp, fresh mountain air saturated with fresh pine scent, the trails of Mt. Ulap are wonderfully invigorating. Although usually just dayhiked (which I did last October) due to its relatively short and easy trail, overnight camping at Mt. Ulap offers a great opportunity to experience the frigid nights and amazing sunrises the Cordilleras are known for.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Mt. Mariveles Dayhike (Bataan) - Tarak Ridge (1,006+ MASL) and Tarak Peak (1,130+ MASL)

On Tarak Ridge, behind me is Tarak Peak

Arguably the most famous of all of Mt. Mariveles' peaks and ridges, Tarak Peak and Tarak Ridge collectively is a perfect hiking destination for a major hike that can be safely and comfortably completed within a day. Located in the western flank of the Mt. Mariveles' caldera, Tarak ridge and peak offer panoramic views of Manila Bay and its islands as well as the distant mountains of Cavite. The wind-swept ridge and peak also have several picturesque and rocky crags and outcrops perfect for snapping those postcard-perfect pictures. Ideally hiked on a 2-day itinerary, a dayhike is also very much possible for this hiking destination, the hike taking around 10 hours to complete from start to end. As such, it is a perfect destination for introducing a novice hiker to a major hike.