Sunday, October 28, 2018

Nalayag Rocks (a.k.a Mt. Nalayag/Nalayag Monolith) Batangas, 552+ MASL

At the the top of the smaller monolith of Nalayag 

Just a week after revisiting Mt. Parawagan and more than a month after I was initially invited, I was finally able to see the famous monolithic rocks of Nalayag. Locally referred to as Mt. Nalayag, these rocks are nestled along the ridge that forms part of the slopes of another well-known hiking destination in Lobo, Batangas - Mt. Masalakot. Located in the coastal area of Lobo, there are several side trips to choose from - the pebble beaches of Malabrigo at the top of the list. Since my hike at Mt. Parawagan was kind of "bitin", I went ahead and joined this hike.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Revenge Climb: Mt. Parawagan (Rizal, 480+ MASL)

At the summit of Mt. Parawagan with Mts. Pamitinan, Binacayan, Hapunang Banoi and Ayaas in the background

A drizzling Sunday morning together with some friends from the office, we found ourselves at the gates of the DENR registration site in Sitio Wawa, Rodriguez, Rizal. We have previously planned a dayhike of Mt. Binacayan and a side trip to Wawa Dam after the hike. However it seems like the weather has a different plan for us - the rains had left the mountain trail muddy with perilous, slippery jagged rocks, at the same time had muddied the clear waters of Wawa River. So after careful consideration, we decided to hike the trails of the neighboring Mt. Parawagan.